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More Useless HBP Fangirling Crap

As you very well know, in the sixth installment of HP, Half-Blood Prince, both Hermione and Ron attempt to make each other jealous by taking on a pseudo-boy/girl-friend (respectively).  With the advent of sixth movie (veeery slowly) approaching, we will see a whole batch of new actors including Jessie Cave playing Lavendar Brown and Freddie Stroma as Cormac McLaggen.  With this in mind, I ask you a simple question:

Who do you think wins in the battle of the my-not-so-significant-other is hotter than yourz?  Won-won or Er-my-knee??? : }

ps. I am soooooo bored, and yet with so much to do!

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Hey Monica! I had a hard time remembering your username, but I ended up remembering when I was on Arlene's page.

Megan :)