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It's Map Time!

I'm learning about mental maps in my cognitive psychology class YAY LEARNING! and how it affects how we remember/imagine things -- for example, when we read a book and you have to imagine an action taking place in a scene and the scene is not described to you. You only know that it "exists." How do you imagine it?

I'm going to use the example of Twilight because it is one of the books that I have read recently that I know at least a couple of you have read. How did you imagine Bella's home, i.e. the relation of the rooms to one another (living room to kitchen), relation of objects within a room (the desk, bed and rocking chair in Bella's bedroom) and the spatial orientation with regards to direction (if you were to look at a map of the house from above, where would it be in relation to the forest [which is supposed to be across the street, btw] -- Is it to the left, right, above or beneath it?).

I made my own mental map and you can see it below the cut. But I'd like to make you own mental map first and describe/draw it for me (please?) before you look at mine so mine doesn't influence yours. Call it a pseudo-psychological experiment of sorts.

Thanks again.


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