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NMMC vs. Barney alumni

Okay, neither of them can really act, but Demi Lovato? man can that girl sing... sooo much better than Miley Cyrus.  It's pretty obvious that I'm on Team Demi/Selena, as it is called, but Miley is just too damn obnoxious. Demi and Selena are so cute and sassy and they're not perfect, you know, that wholesome image Disney strives for, but let's face it, Disney doesn't exacty have a track record for wholesome alumni (coughcough Britney and Xtina). At least, images of them exposing their AA's have not surfaced on the web, that we know of, like some other Disney stars -- Miss Montana, I'm talking to you. Oh and I love the online bickering between Selena and Miley; the tension is palpable, especially when Selena guest stars on Hannah Montana. Selena's character Mikayla and Hannah Montana are rival popstars (oh, how art imitates life) on the show & now, with a recent episode plot twist, Mikayla decides to become friends with Miley, Hannah Montana's non-popstar alias, unbeknownst to her. Can't you just sense the Lohan/Duff catfights rekindling with these two? LOL, I love all the tween queen drama.

Demi Lovato's "Get Back" (below)
ALSO: The Jonas Brothers "Burning Up" (Also below) Not as good, but here you can see Selene starring in her alleged boyfriend's music video. Fuel to the fire, I say! Fuel to the fire! Ra ra ra! but tsktsktsk little Jonas, don't you know sticking a gf in your music video is nothing but detrimental for both your relationship and your career: think Stephenie Seymour or Christie Brinkley. ps. Nick's red jumpsuit ftw rotflmao! Spanxmuch? and Joe admitting he can't grow a mustachio. Also, what was with poor Kevin having to be paired up with a girl too when clearly he doth care for the ladies? and wtFFFF with their bouncer rapping the video???

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I feel that bumper sticker I sent you about Disney Channel is more appropriate than ever.