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The More You Know...

Alright, so I've decided that I am conducting a social experiment. As of late, I have realized just how much time I spend online: far more than I would ever admit to. It has also come to my realization that  it affecting me at work (I am ALWAYS online, for like personal non-work stuff) and I think it's put a damper on the way I communicate socially. I never know what to say to people in person and what-not. So, I took online Internet Addiction Test via geeksugar to see just how bad my problem is. I didn't do have bad; I scored a 48. Nevertheless, I want to see if I can go two weeks without going online (except for actual work stuff). Why two weeks? Because that's how much time I have until classes start again, and fortunately or unfortunately, I need the Internet for some of my classes. Plus, I want to spend more time reading and writing. Things I used to enjoy doing and that now I look at them like if they're work or don't do them anymore because I "don't have time" because of all the time I am spending online.

So, I'll go online again two weeks from now and tell you how that goes. :D Wish me luck! Well...don't because I won't be online to see for the next two weeks...

Also: this is for one of my friends that recently confessed to me that she worried she had a shopping problem. :D I don't think she has a problem, but it might help her to read the article anyway.

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