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massive greatness

Oh joy!

I was shopping on shopstyle.com and I found what could possibly be the closest version of one of the dress Kristen Bell wore in Forgetting Sarah Marshall .

Here is the actual dress:

Here is the one I found at Forever XXI, via ShopStyle. SWEET!:

Now I just have to stay on the lookout for a dress/cover-up that looks like this one! :D

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[ music | Tahiti 80 - Made First ] <-- I love this band immensely. & apparently, they are huge in Japan. ;D


Lol I read both of your entries and the comments got mixed up cuz they were both about clothes. My baaaad. This is Kristen Bell's dress #2 I was referring to. Dress #1 kind of reminds me of a dress Danissa has though... I think it's a skirt she wears as a dress, lol.